About n-Gauge

n-Gauge is a technology suite that helps communities harmonise their information and communications technology to better achieve their objectives..

A community is a group of people with a collective sense of identity who participate in shared experiences to meet their goals.

Company Info

n-Gauge is a division of Prometheus Solutions Pvt. Ltd, commonly known as a PSS. Based in Mumbai, PSS develops and offers various industry specific technologies and services. n-Gauge is a result of our years of experience in learning and understanding the specific needs of group and community.

Visit our website at www.pssinfo.com to know more about the company.

The Team

We are a dedicated team of technology professionals and functional experts. There are three things important to our team-

  • Build 'Cutting Edge Solutions'
  • Keep 'Customer First' Approach
  • Always strive for 'Continuous Excellence'


Nilay is the founder of n-Gauge. With more than 15 years of International experience in developing technologies, Nilay offer the guidance to the team.

Nilay also brings vast experience and expertise in Group behaviour. He participates as a member on many boards and committees himself. Feel free to write him if you need any help.

Nilay Jani